Lecture Series in American Life and Culture

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Olly Gruner for his lecture on American folk music on Tuesday evening. He brought several protest songs to life for us by playing them on guitar and harmonica, and consensus from the audience is that the hour flew by far too quickly. We wish there had been time for a few more songs and a longer Q&A session at the end! Still, it was an absolutely brilliant conclusion to our 2011 lecture series.

Olly also drew the highest attendance figures of the series so far… by quite a significant margin. (We apologize again to everyone who was not able to reserve a seat in time.) In fact, the turnout for the entire lecture series on American life and culture has far exceeded our expectations! Thank you to everyone who attended and particularly to everyone who offered feedback. We are reviewing your comments now and will take them into account when the lecture series returns in Autumn 2013 as part of Norfolk County Council’s Heritage Lottery funded project The Norfolk American Trail. Watch this space for more information!

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