James Stewart in Norfolk

Just before the Christmas holidays this photograph was brought to our attention via the kind folks at Cinema City . It claims to depict Hollywood icon James Stewart surveying ruins in Norwich during World War II. We are currently looking into its authenticity. If anyone has more information, please let us know!

In the meantime, we wanted to highlight the various resources that we hold regarding Jimmy Stewart’s service at Tibenham and Old Buckenham during World War II. In addition to general biographies on Stewart, we have a copy of Jimmy Stewart: Bomber Pilot by Starr Smith, which contains a photograph of Jimmy Stewart walking down a Norwich street during a Second Air Division reunion in 1983. Footage of Stewart’s 1975 visit to Duxford is available online through the East Anglian Film Archive. We also have quite a few resources about Stewart in our Archive at County Hall, including mission diaries, magazine articles, and photographs (including this previously shared image of Jimmy Stewart pictured leaning against railings at Old Buckenham airbase, home of the 453rd Bomb Group).

(Catalogue Reference: MC 376/108, USF PH 5/1)

We’ll be sharing more information about James Stewart’s connection to Norfolk as part of our 2012 Norfolk American Trail project, which launches in July. Stay tuned!


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3 responses to “James Stewart in Norfolk

  1. The photo of what might or might not be Jimmy Stewart was sent to me by a kind chap in Ipswich who has contacts in the US. I’ve no clear idea where it comes from, but I’ll look into it a bit further. In the meantime there is also this link.


    • Thanks, Nick! It’s a very interesting link!

      We checked with the folks at Picture Norfolk, but they weren’t familiar with the image and couldn’t offer any leads. It’s extremely likely that James Stewart would have made visits to Norwich while stationed at both Tibenham and Old Buckenham, but without a bit more context (particularly when the photograph was taken) it’s difficult to track down corroborative evidence that it’s definitely him in the photograph.

  2. This is surely Major James Stewart on the control tower of RAF Old Buckenham while he was group operations officer of the 453rd Bombardment Group in 1944.

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