Visits From Veterans

While the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library is proud to host visits from veterans year-round, there’s no doubt that summer is our busiest season. As we type this, a gentleman who served with the 25th Bomb Group at Watton is browsing our shelves. He’s been to visit several times over the last couple of decades. “This is so much better than a cold stone memorial,” he tells us.

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting a visit from some veterans who served with the 466th Bomb Group at Attlebridge. Our camera battery is charged and at the ready, and we’ve set up a display of photographs in their honour. Stay tuned for a full report!

We look forward to connecting with 2AD friends old and new as the summer continues.  

Photographs by John Michael, stationed at Attlebridge with the 466th BG during World War II, on display in anticipation of a visit from veterans of the 466th BG.

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