Book Displays: Cover Gimmicks

book-display-42Book displays may take different forms. In this series of posts I present a gallery of types, which will serve as an illustrative overview of the Genus (if you will) Displaius libraratus.

What is the point of a book display? In the first post I compared a book display to the sand mandala. Both are made to be viewed, both encourage positive energies in the viewer, and both end (in the case of a successful display) being deconstructed. The sand is carried off by the river, and the books by library patrons.

Cover Story

This is a follow-up to my earlier post about arranging books on a wall. At a distance the title, subject, and author are unimportant. These only matter when someone bothers to stop and consider them. Now your primary element is the book’s cover, usually, which you control as far as you’re able to make precisely what selections you wish. Here’s one way to subvert that limitation.

The “Blind Date with a Book”

— or in any case the “surprise” title — is a popular gimmick. Don’t talk to strangers; don’t read strange books. How very much the same, I think, because either might take you places you don’t want to go. Yet we do both. Something about that concealed book speaks to the risk-taker, the gambler, in all of us. A few variations:

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