Book Displays: Spinal Alignment


A simple and elegant take on the “blind date with a book” idea.

Book displays may take different forms. In this series of posts I present a gallery of types, which will serve as an illustrative overview of the Genus (if you will) Displaius libraratus.

What is the point of a book display? In the first post I compared a book display to the sand mandala. Both are made to be viewed, both encourage positive energies in the viewer, and both end (in the case of a successful display) being deconstructed. The sand is carried off by the river, and the books by library patrons.

Consider the Spine

Until now we’ve assumed that the cover is the only part of a book worth a fig. Not always the case. Clever arrangements of books can be made spine outwards. By way of transitioning to my next post, on arranging on a bookcase, here are some spine-tingling examples.

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