Open Air Screening – Grease

Grease ver2.jpg

The Open Air Screen will be playing the 1978 Box office smash Grease for their final film Thursday July 10th beginning at 8 p.m.

The film stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and was considered to be one of the best films in 1978. American Film Critic Roger Ebert stated, “Grease is a 1970s celebration of nostalgia for the 1950s.”

Grease is the story of Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsen two high school seniors who fall in love over the summer. They have a wonderful summer together and are sad to see it end. The first day of school arrives and little does Danny know that Sandy’s family did not leave and they would be reunited. Shocked to find that Danny is not the nice guy she met, Sandy finds out Danny is the leader of a greaser gang called ‘The T’-birds’ Meanwhile Sandy is trying to fit in with her new “friends” the T-‘birds female counterparts The Pink Ladies. Will Sandy and Danny ever be together again?

Set at Rydell High, Grease uses the Eisenhower era as a back drop to help recreate the 1950s hot rods, malt shops, school dances and songs from the original Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey musical, and songs written to fit the characters. The film also utilizes a several American 50s icons as secondary characters. Eve Arden, a fixture of the 50’s as Our Miss Brooks, plays Rydell High’s unflappable principal; Sid Caesar is the football coach; Edd Byrnes comes on briefly as the lecherous host of a teen-age TV show that decides to spotlight Rydell in a network program; Jean Blondell is the harassed waitress at the corner soda fountain, and, maybe funniest of all, is Frankie Avalon, who appears in a dream sequence to counsel an unhappy student (“Beauty School Dropout”).

Many of the songs for the film – Summer Nights, Beauty School Dropout and the now famous song Greased Lightning became timeless classic that will have you singing and dancing by the end of the movie.

The fun and festivities start at 8 p.m. with free popcorn being served. For more information about the Open Air Screenings, please visit them at

If you are not able to attend, please feel free to reserve your copy today.   .

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