With Autumn Comes the Autumn Lecture Series

As we are once again confronted with the deluge of rain, falling ombre leaves, crisp air and the earlier arrival of night we know that Autumn is once again upon us. This means that the Memorial Library’s annual Autumn Lecture Series is also here.


This year we are looking at American Film, Politics and Popular Culture in our ‘Projecting America’ series. The program overall considers the many ways in which America’s politics, culture and history is ‘projected’ onto the big screen and by extension transported to audiences all over the world. It considers what narratives are being told, to what aim and to who? How do we see America?

12 years a slaveThe series features scholars from a variety of academic disciplines at the University of East Anglia and also from University College London. Opening the program we have our partners from the School of American Studies who will continue to honor Black History Month with a roundtable discussion on Steve McQueen’s film, 12 Years a Slave and Amma Asante’s film, Belle. These two very recent films document the legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its impact on blacks both in America and Great Britain.

Picture1Following this inaugural lecture, Professor Iwan Morgan from University College London will be reviewing Hollywood’s post-war Nazi-hunting movies, their representation of Nazis and Nazism, and their linkage to the film noir genre. Morgan is Professor of US Studies and Commonwealth Fund Professor of American History in UCL’s Institute of the Americas. His lecture, ‘Before the Red Scare: Hollywood’s Nazi-Hunting Movies, 1945-47’ will feature on November 12th.

Picture2On November 19th we are pleased to welcome Professor Yvonne Tasker from the Film Studies Department at UEA. Her research is broadly concerned with the politics of popular culture. She looks specifically at military culture on screen, action and adventure narratives and crime television. Her lecture, ‘Television Crime Drama and Homeland Security: From Law & Order to “Terror TV”‘  will explore themes of racial profiling, motive and political violence, coercion, and the ethics of interrogation within crime television.

Picture3Bringing our series to a close is Dr. Richard Maguire from the History Department at UEA who will deliver his lecture, ‘A few Good Men’. The Battle Over the American Military Through Film’ on November 25th. A former military serviceman himself, Dr Maguire’s research focuses on the history of western military culture. His lecture will consider how the American military is portrayed in film.

With the exception of the first lecture, this year each lecture will incur a small fee of £2. We would like to remind our visitors that the Memorial Library is a registered UK charity (No. 269047) and our ability to host the lecture series and other events is significantly bolstered by the contributions made from patrons.Because space is limited booking is required for all events and  can be made via email: 2admemorial.lib@norfolk.gov.uk or over phone: 01603 774747. All lectures are held in the Vernon Castle Room in the Millennium Library from 6:30pm-7:30pm. We hope to see you all there.

Until then keep warm and keep watching!



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