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Every so often we host events of the timely, remarkable, diverting variety. Or, we know someone who is. At all events – see what I did there? – this is where we tell you about them.

Upcoming Events!

We have an exciting summer of events coming up at the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library; from the UEA Lecture series focusing on the political climate of American current events to events exploring the historical role of Americans in East Anglia there is a talk for everyone.

A few of the historical talks coming up include:

Americans in East Anglia (6-5-17).JPG

This session will allow you to get up close with American artefacts from WWII – perspex windscreen jewellry for an airman’s sweetheart to silk maps used in the event of emergency landing (or worse!). Come along and have a look at the different items and learn a bit of Norwich history.


Americans in East Anglia (12-5-17).JPG Recently we have launched our digital archive – a massive project that allows anyone to access the treasure trove of artefacts and memorabilia of the 2nd Air Division Memorial from any computer. This talk will not only show you how to navigate and search for items within the digital archive but also whet your appetite for the kinds of things that can be found – poetry, letters, diaries, photos, and so much more.


HUN Friendly Invasion Film Show (24-5-17).jpgA bit different from the digital archive, this talk at Hunstanton Library will showcase some of the film footage taken by and of the American airmen during their time in East Anglia. The archival footage is a fascinating way to put yourself in their time and will surely get you thinking about how life has changed in the years that followed!


We hope to see you at any (or all!) of the above talks this May. Please refer to the appropriate digital flyer for booking, location, and time details. 

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Summer Events at the Memorial Library

Well, the English summer is in full swing with constant thunderstorms, but thankfully we’ve hosted a series of cozy events here at the Memorial Library, safe and sound out of the rain.

Creative Writing Workshops with UEA Graduates

image (2)

On Saturday, June 25th we assembled for two creative workshops hosted by graduates of UEA’s prestigious MA in creative writing program. Much fun was had by all as we completed a series of unique and helpful writing exercises. The props you see on the table also provided inspiration when necessary (can you spot the celery and tennis ball?) .

If you’re interested in joining one of the creative writing groups that meet regularly here at the library, be sure to get in touch!

Assembly Ship Coloring with School Groups

We also had a visit yesterday from some local schools! They were given a tour of the library and had the opportunity to design and name their own assembly ships. Names included Harry Potter, Crazy King Express, Peppa, Just Like a Fire, Black Wing, and many more. The assembly ships are now proudly decorating the library pillars. Be sure to come and and see them if you have the chance.

image (4)

American Scholar Linda gives a talk about the American presence in Norfolk during WWII. Sadly this was Linda’s last day as a scholar (doesn’t the time just fly?!) and we are certainly going to miss her presence here very much. Fortunately there are rumours of a staff pizza outing together soon so it won’t be the last we see of her just yet 😉 … Good luck Linda and come back and visit us soon!!

image (5)

Hard at work on coloring and designing their assembly ships.

image (3)

The final product! We’ve already had several of the proud artists come in today with their family members to show them off.

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Great American Poems: an April Event in the Memorial Library

poetryflyer 2016 JPEG

April is National Poetry Month and in order to celebrate we are hosting an evening of Great American Poems here at the Memorial Library, on Monday, April 25th, 6.30-7.30pm. It will be a fun, informal, poetry-filled evening of readings and presentations by local poets and scholars from the University of East Anglia. If you’d like, you can even bring and share your own favorite American poem (which is entirely optional but highly recommended!). This event is a lovely opportunity to meet fellow poetry lovers from the Norwich area, and a chance to hear poems you may otherwise have never encountered. Admission is free, but space is limited so be sure to book your place by either commenting here or contacting us via phone, email, or dropping by in person. We look forward to seeing you there!


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The Magic of Flight in the Memorial Library

Folding HelpThis Wednesday the Memorial Library hosted the second of three Record Breaker Summer Reading Challenge events – The Magic of Flight. We learned about the first powered man-carrying flight by the Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur in 1903 that took place on a beach in North Carolina. We also learned about the aerodynamic forces that allow planes to fly and facts about Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. One of the most interesting questions asked was ‘Could you build a plane out of wool?’

We then introduced the kids to the runway!


This would be where they would test and compete with their amazing paper planes. There was a short training session to get the folds down first.

Planes on Table

Many of the kids came up with very creative planes.

Elephant Plane Butterfly Plane Bubble Plane

Blue Striped Plane Big Paper Plane

Then they flew them down the runway…

Practice Throw

And there were prizes for farthest distance flown, longest sustained flight and most creative plane. Thanks to the kids and parents who came, we at the Memorial Library had a great time and hope that you all did too!

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